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The Narrow Road Ministries

Our Services

Work Description

Helping Families in Need

Groceries, utility bills, car repairs.
Work Description

Addiction Struggle Support

Treatment programs, detox, clothes, transportation bus passes.
Work Description

Youth Support Fund

Scholarships, school supplies, uniforms, clothes, sports, drug free living, safety.
Work Description

Single Parent Support

Educational support, groceries, utility bills, car repairs.
Work Description

Homeless Support

Build a fund for a resource center, pantry, food kitchen, clothes, shelter.


The Narrow road Ministries, Corp is a nonprofit corporation organized to bring the hungry, homeless, and the hurting a new life through the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing resources that improve wellbeing such as access to food, clothes, shelter, transportation, education, drug rehabilitation services, healthcare, and safety to those in need in the Central Florida community.

Josephine Medina

Norma J Medina
Vice President

Kenny Medina

Ernest Medina

Francisco Quintero
Communications Director


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